Gurcharan (Garry) Bhaura begins term as TREB President

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Published on: August 15, 2018

Toronto, ON (August 15, 2018) – Garry Bhaura, Broker of Record for CENTURY 21 President’s Realty Inc. is settling into his role as the newest president of Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). Garry has been a respected member of the GTA community since he began his real estate career in 2000. He achieved broker status in 2003, ABR® and SRES® designations in 2011, an SRS designation in 2014, and is also a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Canada (FRI).  Beyond his professional career, he has served in leadership volunteer positions at many non-profit organizations.

Garry is passionate about real estate and philanthropy and is excited to combine these passions in his new role with TREB. As he begins his leadership, we sat down with him to talk about the year ahead.

1. How did you first get into real estate?
I have always been drawn to real estate because I like being a part of helping people achieve their dreams. That’s the main reason I became a sales representative, and that philosophy is at the root of every transaction.

2. How did you first choose CENTURY 21 Canada?
My initial interest in the brand was that CENTURY 21 is a well-respected global brand with strong consumer awareness. Then, once I started working with the company, I was impressed with the technology that every sales representative can have access to. It’s unparalleled by any other company, and I haven’t looked back since.

3. How would you describe the current ecosystem of the Toronto real estate market?
Simply put, the Toronto market is changing rapidly and we all must change with it or be left behind. As intimidating as that may sound, it also makes it an exciting time to be here in this industry.

4. Given how much the industry has changed in Toronto in the past year, what will be the biggest focus for TREB?
Technology and training are the biggest focus right now. I plan on pushing TREB past its comfort zone when it comes to new technology. This year will be a busy one at TREB– we won’t be sitting still– we will be trying, testing and learning new processes so we can provide the most effective support to our members.

5. What are your goals for this year?
I have quite a few on my list:

  • to promote the GTA real estate market on the world stage with our global counterparts
  • further improve professionalism in the industry
  • continue to promote the quality of the MLS® system and the superior services our Member REALTORS® offer their clients
  • promote the TREB member image in the eyes of the consumer and the industry; continue to foster and build relationships at local, provincial and federal levels of government.
  • work with all levels of government, real estate boards, and the industry’s regulatory body, The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), to ensure TREB members’ interests are fairly represented when key decisions are made.
  • listen to our members – continue to engage them and seek their feedback on TREB services.

Garry welcomes questions and comments at


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CENTURY 21 Canada Sees Growth in 2018

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Published on: August 15, 2018

Vancouver, BC (August 15, 2018)- CENTURY 21 Canada has put away their gold jackets and left their golden homes to embark on a new era of real estate.  This year they launched a complete rebrand and are seeing results, already outpacing the industry average in growth, both in franchise sales and expansion locations.

“The real estate industry is in a time of rapid change and we are happy to be evolving as quickly,” says Brian Rushton, Executive Vice President of CENTURY 21 Canada. “The new branding is resonating with consumers, and agents are realizing the value that the CENTURY 21 brand can bring to their business. We are excited for what the future holds.”

As of the end of June 2018, CENTURY 21 Canada growth has four conversions from other brands including Realty Executives, Coldwell Banker and an independent brokerage. There have also been two start-up franchises, including one with a former RE/MAX agent who switched over to open a new franchise. In addition to that list, CENTURY 21 Teams and Associates Ltd. recently opened their doors in Windsor, Ontario.

These latest moves continue the momentum the company felt in late 2017. In the past year in Edmonton alone CENTURY 21 Canada has added 100 new agents with the conversions of Realty Executives Masters and, more recently, Realty Executives Leading both to C21. CENTURY 21 Leading Owner Kerry Pfannmuller says the CENTURY 21 offering was just better than the competition.  “When I first went to Vancouver to meet with C21, I was blown away by the support and care from the team. I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of and I haven’t looked back since,” says Kerry Pfannmuller.CENTURY 21 Canada Sees Growth in 2018

The rest of 2018 is also shaping up to be full of change. Late this year, CENTURY 21 Canada will launch a new technology platform with Real Estate Webmasters. They also have more expansion offices and conversions that they expect to be announced. “We are seeing interest in our brand in markets across the country and our investment in technology will continue to pay off for years to come,” says Todd Shyiak, Vice President of Operations at CENTURY 21 Canada.

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Survey finds majority of Canadians aren’t living in their ideal home

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Published on: August 13, 2018

Canadians not getting closer to their ideal until into their 50s
One-quarter of Canadians identify apartment as their ideal home


Vancouver, BC (August 14, 2018)- A new survey commissioned by CENTURY 21 Canada found most Canadians aren’t getting close to their ideal living situation until well into their 50s.

The survey of 1,000 Canadian adults living in eight metropolitan centres across the country found that, when asked how close their current living situation is to their ideal, 41 per cent ranked their situation as close to their ideal (8 – 10 on a 10-point scale), while 43 per cent ranked their situation moderately close to their ideal and 16 per cent far from their ideal. Once age is factored in the gulf widens considerably, with only a third of those aged 25 – 54 saying they are living in close to their ideal situation while a majority (56 percent) of those aged 55+ said they are living in close to their ideal situation. Even in the 45 – 54 age range about one in five said their living situation is far from their ideal – about the same percentage as young adults.

“While you would expect young adults may not be not living in their ideal situations as they work to establish themselves, it was striking that their satisfaction level didn’t improve significantly until people got into their 50s,” said Brian Rushton, Executive Vice-President of CENTURY 21 Canada. “It was also surprising that while two-thirds of Canadians told us a single detached home is their ideal a quarter preferred an apartment, primarily because they value a low maintenance lifestyle.”

The results also varied by region – see the breakdown below.

Forty-nine per cent of those surveyed identified type of home as their top two priorities when considering purchasing a new home, while 46 per cent identified location/neighbourhood as one of their top two considerations. Other factors include condition of home, size, proximity to amenities, age of home, and proximity to transit.  

“This survey tells us that when people buy a home they are buying a lifestyle. What that means varies widely with the individual, but it typically requires deciding what is most important within your budget and what compromises you’ll make to get as close to your own ideal living arrangement as possible,” Rushton said. “This is consistent with what we hear from CENTURY 21 realtors, who tell us they regularly work with clients to help them determine their top priorities in a new home and how that lines up with their lifestyle.”

Across all eight metropolitan areas, 65 per cent of Canadians identified a single detached home as their ideal, with another 24 per cent identifying an apartment as their ideal. The remaining 11 per cent preferred a semi-detached home or other arrangement (trailer, houseboat, etc.). The numbers varied by region, with only 52 per cent of Metro Vancouver residents preferring a single detached house compared to 79 per cent in Calgary and 80 per cent in Regina. Interest in single detached houses peak at ages 35 – 44, especially among those with children at home, declining afterwards. Single people and couples without children are more likely to prefer apartments.

Those who prefer a single detached home identified a private and independent lifestyle, a yard, tranquility, space, and privacy as their top reasons, while those who prefer apartments identified a hassle-free lifestyle and lower maintenance as their top reasons.

On a similar note, while 63 per cent of Canadians would like a bigger home, a significant minority (19 per cent) would like to move into a smaller home.  

The online survey was conducted by the Lana Porter Group Inc. with 1,000 Canadians aged 18+ between June 15 and 25. The sample included 200 residents each in the greater metropolitan areas of Vancouver and Toronto and 100 each in the greater metropolitan areas of Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax.


CENTURY 21 Canada Spring Homeowner Survey Results

How Close Canadians’ Current Living Situation is to their Ideal Living Situation by Greater Metropolitan Centre

How Close Canadians’ Current Living Situation is to their Ideal Living Situation by Age

Question: Now we would like you to think about your current living situation. How close is your current living situation to your ideal living situation? Please use a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 means your current living situation is very close to your ideal living situation, and 1 means your current living situation is very far from your ideal living situation.


What Canadians’ Ideal Home Type Is by Greater Metropolitan Centre

What Canadians’ Ideal Home Type Is by Age

Question: Still thinking about your ideal living situation, what type of home is your personal ideal? Please select one of the following: Single detached home, semi-detached home, apartment or condo (5 stories or fewer), apartment or condo (6 stories or more), mobile home or other type of moveable home, some other type of home.


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Camping Hacks

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Published on: July 31, 2018

With one more month of summer left it’s time to cram in everything that is still on your summer wish list!  One of our favourite summer activities? Camping! There is nothing better than getting out of the city and sleeping outside under the stars. We have some hacks to make your camping experience that much better! No need to suffer sleeping in the great outdoors with these simple tricks!  

Food Hacks  

Camp food doesn’t have to just be hotdogs and oatmeal, with these hacks you’ll be eating like a king!

  • Freeze gallon jugs of water to use as ice for your cooler, this will keep food colder so you can bring perishable foods with you.    
  • One water bottle will hold eight eggs, so you can have bacon and eggs without any of the stress of all your eggs breaking.
  • Wrap your meat in cabbage to stop it from burning. Time to grill up some steaks on the fire!


Your tent is your home away from home so might as well make it as cozy as possible!

  • Keep your toes warm at night by putting a Nalgene water bottle full of hot water in your sleeping bag before bed. It makes a warm and cozy camping hot water bottle.  
  • Keep your down sleeping bag fluffy by drying it with tennis balls.
  • Bring an extra dry bag and put your clothes in it to use it as a pillow

The Bugs  

Bugs are probably the worst part about camping. They can turn a fun weekend in the woods into an annoying, itchy time. Here are the best ways to keep the bugs at bay:  

  • Dress brightly: Bugs don’t like bright colours so time to sport your pink and yellow shirts! Plus, it’s always good to dress brightly when out in the woods to be more visible!
  • Citronella Candles: Although you will likely have a campfire it is still wise to set up citronella candles at your camp, especially around where you will be eating.
  • Bite Treatment: As best as you might try to keep the bugs away, you will likely still get bitten. Bring itch relief and antihistamine to put on your bites for immediate relief and try not to scratch! 

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