# 1 CENTURY 21 Office Worldwide is in Toronto!

On Saturday March 3, 2012, Don Lawby, President of CENTURY2 1 Canada, was on his way to the annual CENTURY 21 Global Conference. But this year, the excitement was greater than ever. CENTURY 21 Percy Fulton Ltd. of Toronto was going to be recognized as a worldwide leader.

Attendees arriving at the New Orleans Convention Centre were greeted by gigantic ceiling banners, the very first featuring the ever-so composed Clare Fulton, broker/owner of CENTURY 21 Percy Fulton Ltd as the #1 Office Worldwide.

With over 120,000 CENTURY 21 System members globally, having a Canadian office take the top prize was thrilling to say the least.


During the 3 day event, Clare received many congratulatory handshakes from international colleagues, and not being one who enjoys the spotlight, Clare accepted the attention joyfully. During the closing ceremony,

Clare humbly received his award, while his daughters proudly watched as their father dedicated the recognition to the entire CENTURY 21 Percy Fulton team. 

 “This is a company award, a credit to our agents’ dedication to their business and to their clients,” said Clare.  When asked what Clare attributed this success to: “Working hard and all our training and education has allowed our agents to be up to date with new trends, strategies and technologies, giving them the ability to provide the best possible service to their clients”
 CENTURY 21 Percy Fulton Ltd. has been our #1 office in Canada for 22 consecutive years. Founded in 1977 by Clare Fulton’s father, Percy, Clare overtook ownership of the company in 1988. Today, 20% of the staff was with the organization when it was first awarded #1 CENTURY 21 Office in Canada 22 years ago.   CENTURY 21 Percy Fulton Ltd. has four offices serving the home buyers and sellers of the Greater Toronto area, helping over 2,000 families every year find their dream home.

“We are so very proud to be associated to Clare and his wonderful professional team,” said Don Lawby. “This office has been our # 1 gross closed commission office in Canada for 22 consecutive years, I can’t think of anything that demonstrates consistency better in this industry than this organization. We congratulate the entire CENTURY 21Percy Fulton team.”



CENTURY 21 Broadway Park Realty Helped Raise $120,000 for Easter Seals Saskatchewan

CENTURY 21 Broadway Park Realty was a proud Platinum Sponsor at the 2012 Easter Seals™ Snowarama in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The CENTURY 21 Broadway Park Realty team was on site volunteering their time and energy serving food and beverages to hungry participants during the Beer and Wing Night. CENTURY 21 Sales Representative, Shelby Wilk also spent many hours helping as a Snowarama committee member, making the event a success.

Easter Seals Snowarama is an annual event that combines winter activities and community spirit in support of Easter Seals Saskatchewan. Held this year on February 10 and 11, the event promoted snowmobile rides through various groomed trails along with breakfast and lunch for riders. Unfortunately, there was a lack of snow and the rides had to be cancelled. In spite of this, the event raised $120,000 for Easter Seals Saskatchewan, which is managed by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council.

The funds raised through this event go towards supporting programs like Camp Easter Seals, Summer Fun, and Adaptive Technology Services. They provide recreational opportunities for children with disabilities in Saskatchewan and aim to enhance their self-confidence and independence.

The team at CENTURY 21 Broadway Park Realty knew they were participating in a worthy cause. Some have seen first hand the joys that Camp Easter Seals can bring to those who get to participate and were eager to give back to their community.

In Saskatchewan, Camp Easter Seals is located at Manitou Beach near Watrous. It’s surrounded by wooded slopes where kids can swim, go horseback riding and have cook-outs. Camp Easter Seal is completely wheelchair accessible and specially designed for adults and children with disabilities.

CENTURY 21 Broadway Park Realty plans to continue their support of Easter Seals Saskatchewan so keep your eyes open for more CENTURY 21 Sales Professionals at local fundraising initiatives.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Snowarama!

CENTURY 21 Sales Professionals all over Canada help to fundraise for Easter Seals. In 2008, CENTURY 21 Canada created the Kids to Camp program where every $2100 raised can send a child with disabilities to an Easter Seals camp.

T’is the season for Open Houses!

If you are on the hunt for a new home, here are some tips to take along with you:

Use open houses as an opportune time to tour homes with your agent.
This is an efficient way to see the homes you are interested in without having to make multiple appointments with every individual seller.

Go ahead, open every door.
Check out the closets, it’s the only way of knowing how deep they are. You might be surprised to find a storage room instead of a small closet. When you are buying, it’s important to know what is behind every door.

Turn on that faucet and switch on the lights.
Make sure that all the lights work, all major appliances too, anything that is included in the home.

Is the home feeling the “love”?
Inspect the general upkeep of the home. Has the yard seen better days? Is there mold and mildew in the bathroom? Are the walls chipped? General upkeep is a good sign that the home is well cared for.

Feel for drafts.
Check that doors and windows shut snuggly, and open and close smoothly.

Go on a walkabout.
If you don’t already know the neighborhood, take the time to get to know the area. Look at a map; check out the transit services, and local parks. Grab a coffee at the local coffee shop or pub, visit the closest grocery store; feel out the scene to see if the area is a right fit for you.

Look past the fluff.
Try to see past the furnishings and décor. Focus on the space, will the layout work for you and your furniture?

Look beyond window dressing.
Aesthetics are important, but don’t fall in love with a home’s appearance, be critical, ask questions, take a long hard look at a house before you put in an offer and protect yourself from disappointment by getting the expert opinion of a qualified home inspector, who could spot issues that you could have missed.

Happy house hunting!

Preparing Your Home for the Move…

A GREAT partner with The Jamie Dann Team at CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. is Stager/Organizer Margaret Harlos of Living Organized. Given that at this time of year, many people are getting ready for their next move, here is a great article that Margaret prepared for us. 

Each room should be featured and decorated for the original purpose that it was designed. I have a 3 bedroom house. One bedroom is a TV room, one my home office and of course the master. Not a great way to show a 3 bedroom home when selling, BUT, a great way to maximize the space once we move you into your new home.

Make sure items are placed in appropriate spaces. One homeowner had a crock pot, electric fry pan and other small kitchen appliances stored on the shelves in the laundry room. This screams that the kitchen cabinetry and storage space is insufficient. Too many things… pack what you don’t need now. Doing this now, simplifies the move later.

Don’t give potential buyers any reasons to walk away from your home. Maximize your space. If your home has a garage it will be listed with a garage. Purge it. Using it for storage also states the home is not large enough, doesn’t have enough closets or storage space.

De-personalize your home. Remove all the kid’s photos, awards and wedding pictures. I know you are thinking I’m really mean – Here’s the scoop – looking at your family legacy doesn’t make potential buyers feel that they can live in your home when it’s all about you. Remember, we can re-create all those memories when we move you into your new home. Let’s just make them fall in love with your home and pay top dollar.

You likely have more than enough neutral pictures around the house that you could move a few. If you do not need to paint your home, replace personal pictures and decor with items that can appeal to almost anyone. This allows them to visualize how they can incorporate their personal items into the home. This also works with furniture. Less is more. Keep only the furnishings necessary to show how each space works and can function for a potential buyer.