CENTURY 21 Canada enlists 6 master coaches to drive agents leads

Realtor education

Industry-first C21 PEP Master Class to maximize agents’ spring season, starting March 18

If you’re in real estate, you’ve heard it: “10% of agents do 90% of the business.” The spring market is hot, yet the vast majority of agents miss out. CENTURY 21® Canada’s PEP course previously averaged 8 additional listings for participants, and now has added six master coaches to its arsenal.

“Almost all programs focus on teaching – PEP doesn’t. It’s all about action,” said Kevin Stanley, director of knowledge learning, CENTURY 21 Canada. “The instructors have been there, they’ve found what really works. Agents apply instant, proven tactics while they work, so they watch the results happen.”

Nowhere else have six all-star real estate mentors combined their specialties into one intensive course:

  • Matthew Ferrera: speaker, writer, capitalist, survivor, teacher, and listener.
    Gain new clients using video and social media.”
  • Richard Robbins: business coach and CEO of Richard Robbins International.
  • “Generate leads from door knocking and open houses.”
  • Chris Leader: REALTOR®, broker, and sought-after coach.
  • “Handle any objection when prospecting and closing.”
  • Kevin Stanley: director of knowledge learning, CENTURY 21 Canada.
  • “Wow a seller with a fantastic listing presentation.”
  • Debbie Cooke: NAR instructor and CENTURY 21 office education director.
    “How to convert FSBOs and expireds.”
  • Eryn Richardson: award-winning agent.
    Consistent lead generation for long term success.”

The C21® PEP Master Class runs once weekly, launching on Wednesday, March 18 at 12:00p.m. EST. To max out their spring season, REALTORS® can speak to their local CENTURY 21 office to register or visit C21PEPTalk.ca.

Targeted education options at every professional stage make the CENTURY 21 organization a great place for REALTORS® to start their career, and to have their career. This program builds on the brand’s tradition of delivering exceptional customer service by supporting its members with the tools and education that matter most.

Lights, camera, and perfect listing pictures

Listing photos are often a potential buyer’s first impression of your home. For home sellers who want to sell quickly at a good price, first impressions have to be perfect.

When you have the date set to meet your REALTOR® for a photo shoot, you might find yourself running around trying to tidy up in time.

Here are a few easy tips to help you prepare for a photo shoot:

  1. Depending on the season, make sure that the yard is picked up, lawn mowed, gardening tools put away, and leaves raked.
  2. Remove all vehicles from the driveway. This will make your driveway look less cluttered
  3. Hide personal décor so buyers are able to picture themselves living in your house.
  4. Make sure the dishes are done and the kitchen sink is empty.
  5. Take all magnets off the fridge – It’s amazing how this will make your kitchen look cleaner and less cluttered.
  6. Turn on lights and replace burnt out light bulbs. Also, open all the blinds to brighten up rooms.

Sometimes, there’s no need to hire a professional photographer. Follow these simple tips to prepare your home for perfect REALTOR® listing pictures.  Happy snapping!

By Cheryl Hyland, REALTOR® at CENTURY 21 Foothills Real Estate.

​CENTURY 21 Canada founder named in most powerful people in real estate

VANCOUVER, B.C. (February 06, 2015) – U. Gary Charlwood, founder and executive chairman of CENTURY 21 Canada, ranked as the #25 most impactful corporate executive on the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) list.

His organization, the Charlwood Pacific Group, owns the rights to the CENTURY 21 brand in Canada and Asia-Pacific regions, UNIGLOBE Travel International, CENTUM, and recently expanded into the rental housing market launching Real Canadian Property Management. Charlwood was the first non-US citizen appointed the International Franchise Association (IFA) chairman of the board and was inducted into the IFA Hall of Fame in 2009.

“Gary’s story is a must-hear for aspiring entrepreneurs. He arrived in Canada with the clothing on his back, became British Columbia’s top producing REALTOR® in just 15 months, opened a successful brokerage,” said Brian Rushton, executive vice president, CENTURY 21 Canada. “Then, he forged his own path as a franchising leader in Canada and internationally. He has truly earned this recognition.”

The CENTURY 21 brand took even more top spots alongside its parent company Realogy Holdings Corp., which the SP200 website states: “…is simply residential real estate’s most important company. Period.”

Prominent placements included:

  • Century 21 Real Estate LLC president and CEO Rick Davidson ranked #8 in corporate executives.
  • Realogy Holdings Corp. chairman and CEO Richard Smith took the #1 ranking overall.
  • Realogy Franchise Group president and CEO Alex Perriello ranked #5 overall.

The SP200 has been featured on Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, MSN, Yahoo! Finance, and Bloomberg. Rankings are based on an individual’s personal influence, their tenure in the industry, and recent accomplishments, among other factors. Visit the Swanepoel Power 200 website for complete details.

Sold on you: A real estate love story

How a conference, a listing, and a move brought REALTORS® Maya and Rob together

Rob and I met in 2003 at a CENTURY 21 Canada Conference in Regina. For both of us, it was our first national event, and we wore badges for “First-Timers.” It made it so much easier to meet people as it took the intimidation out of networking.

Both being from Alberta, we immediately struck up a conversation. Over the following years, we actually kept in touch, referring clients to one another and occasionally grabbing breakfast to discuss our markets and what we were each doing for promotion. The fact that we both shared an interest in building our careers definitely created a strong, business-oriented friendship.

In 2008, Rob called me to view one of my listings in Sherwood Park. When I followed up on the showings, he asked me out to lunch. Over the meal, I discovered he had divorced and was looking at the home for himself. He actually hadn’t realised that I had been single all those years we had kept in touch as colleagues, assuming that I would have been married! By the next morning he was calling me to bring me a coffee and we really didn’t spend a single day apart after that.

“We considered that lunch as the start to our relationship – our ‘anniversary’ – and set our wedding for the same day, 7 years later.”

Having been a single parent throughout most of my career, it was very difficult to connect with people outside of the job. The constant need to have your phone on-hand and the last minute cancelations because an offer was coming in, were not things that 9-5’ers understood. With Rob, the fact that he was living the same lifestyle created an immediate understanding and we found ways of building a relationship on the fly. We had an immediate respect for one another as we both were successful, hard-working and enthusiastic about our careers. This is a very important aspect of what makes us work.

Rob does everything BIG and the proposal was no exception. He suggested that we have lunch on the Miami Beach boardwalk during a family trip, and told me there was only one patio with a beach view. While I thought he was being spontaneous, it turned out that he needed us to be on that particular patio at that particular time on New Year’s Day. We ordered drinks and Rob asked my son to take a picture of us. Rob then told him to take some more photos which my son (being a teenager) objected to.

So Rob said:

“If you don’t want to take a photo of us, then how about taking a photo of that” – pointing to the sky above the beach. Just then, a small plane flew overhead carrying a banner that read “Maya, I (heart) you. Will you marry me? Rob.”

The plane circled and it took me a moment to register that that “Maya” was me! Rob got on one knee to propose while people on the patio and along the boardwalk clapped and cheered. Rob then proposed to both of my children, giving them each a ring that symbolised him taking care of the three of us.

Maybe it was part fate that Rob selected Sherwood Park as where he wanted to live upon his divorce and that it was my listing that was the catalyst for that fateful lunch.

Maya Day is a REALTOR® with CENTURY 21 A.L.L. Stars Realty Ltd. serving Edmonton, AB (visit her website)

Rob Jastrzebski is a REALTOR® with CENTURY 21 Dynamic Realty serving Fort McMurray, AB (visit his website)