Secrets of time management

Somehow, day in and day out we feel like we are racing against the clock to get everything accomplished. We get home feeling tired and ready to just collapse in front of Netflix and then do it all over again the next day. Finding the perfect work/life balance is doable but it takes a small amount of planning, organizing and prioritizing ahead of time. The reward of extra hours at home to hang out with friends and family will make the effort worth it!


Track time wasters/ distractions 

Phones: Phones are one of the biggest time wasters and distractors. Time spent scrolling on Instagram and Facebook can quickly turn from minutes to hours in a day if you aren’t careful. Although it might sound counterintuitive, you can use your phone to help decrease phone usage. There are apps such as “Break Free” which will track how much you are on your phone and will lock your phone for you when you are trying to be productive.

TV:  We are all guilty of falling into the habit of crashing in front of the tv as soon as we get home. Instead, allot a certain amount of television for the day and save it for the evening. This will help you from falling into the “I’ll just watch one more episode” trap and end up watching an entire season of The Office (lets be real, we are all guilty of this).

Sharpen your focus: Close other tabs and browsers on your computer and put your phone on silent so that you won’t be distracted and can focus on the task at hand. 

Be productive during travel time:  If you take transit, see what work you can do– answer emails, listen to voicemails or just schedule your week. If you need more privacy for those tasks, commit to a brief meditation practice or make sure you’re carrying a book with you for even five minutes of downtime.

Delegate:  Delegate other tasks around the house either with your partner or your kids. Even a five-minute task like unloading the dishwasher can save you much more over the course of a week.


Identify top priorities

Work smart, not hard: Look at where you are investing your energy and make sure you are not wasting time on things that don’t deliver results. 

Lists: Making a to-do list will be your best friend when it comes to prioritizing your time.  Seeing your to-do’s makes them more real– plus it is so satisfying crossing them off!

Schedule: Manage your time first by the week then by the day. Look at your most pressing deadlines and then schedule your time accordingly. Follow the adage of “eat a frog for breakfast” — do the most important/ hardest tasks early in the day to get them completed.  


Measure and Calculate:

No one has the same schedule or the same habits, so find out what works best for you. If you are a morning person try waking up 15 minutes earlier and use this time to get two tasks done.  Calculate how much time you have saved each week and decide where you can make cutbacks the next week.

Reward yourself for all your scheduling and list making by planning fun events in the evening: plan a board games night or host a dinner party. Plus having these events will help you prioritize your schedule to ensure that you have the free time to do the things you want to be doing! 

CENTURY 21 Vantage Realty Ltd. and CENTURY 21 Masters merge and open under joint management in Edmonton


Edmonton, Alberta (March 1, 2018) – Two incredibly successful and respected brokers in Edmonton are combining forces and merging their two companies. James Mabey and Geneva Tetreault are the now co-owners of CENTURY 21 Masters, and together they make a tenacious team.  


Mabey and Tetreault merged the sales representatives from CENTURY 21 Masters with the team at CENTURY 21 Vantage into one office which will operate under the former name. The duo has a longstanding friendship, so becoming business partners and merging offices was a natural move for them.



“The decision to merge the two teams was simple and made sense because both teams have the same cultures and values. That was always of the upmost importance to Geneva and myself,” says Mabey.   


The new CENTURY 21 Masters launches with more than 100 agents and the owners are planning on slowly growing the team. “We are very selective of who we bring into our business,” says Tetreault. “We are not solely focused on numbers. We want people who share our values and who see the value in education, professional development and collaboration. The stronger the team, the better we can serve our community.”


Mabey and Tetreault are well-known within the real estate industry in Edmonton. They were both the youngest presidents on the Edmonton Real Estate Board during each of their tenures. They began their careers as young REALTORS® and have both built their businesses by attracting diverse teams of people within their communities.


“Individually, James and Geneva are strong, incredible brokers and together they create an insurmountable power. It is inspiring to see such drive, professionalism and passion from two of the youngest brokers out there. We are so proud of what they have already accomplished and cannot wait to see CENTURY 21 Masters flourish under their leadership,” says Brian Rushton, Executive Vice President of CENTURY 21 Canada.


The two offices will maintain their original locations at 201-10555 172 Street NW in Edmonton, 110-5 Giroux Road in St. Albert and 105- 4302-33 Street . Visit their website to discover the CENTURY 21 difference.  


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Media contact

Leigh Kjekstad

PR Communications Specialist

The Space Mission: How to make your home more spacious

The longer you live somewhere the more things start to pile up, and before you know it you might feel like you are living in an episode of Hoarders.  But, not to worry, there are ways you can declutter and find extra space in your home without having to move. Make the space you already have work for you rather than against you by focusing on the basics: multipurpose furniture, utilizing hidden real estate and brightening your space.

The first step, however, is decluttering.  Whether you like it or not, decluttering is mandatory for creating extra space.  It can be overwhelming at first to get rid of things so the best way to declutter is to make three separate piles, stay, go and maybe. Be as ruthless as possible. Use the “1 year rule” for clothes – if you haven’t worn something in the past year then you should let it go.   

Make it Bright!

The two biggest factors in brightening a room are lighting and paint. Manipulate the lighting in your home to make spaces appear bigger. We suggest using floor lamps as opposed to ceiling lights to disperse light in a room. Another C21 tip is to hang mirrors across from windows to reflect the light to create a more open room.

Now let’s look at paint!  Dark colors make rooms appear smaller than they are, so embrace white or neutral colours. Painting the ceiling white will make a huge difference in brightening your room.  To keep your walls looking fresh it is recommended to repaint them every 5 years.

Multipurpose Furniture

When choosing furniture opt for sleek, light looking pieces rather than heavy, dark items. Transparent furniture gives the illusion of a space looking larger than it is. We love keeping things green and making use of what you have by converting your furniture to be multipurpose. Beds take up a lot of room so why not use some of that space by putting baskets under the bed. If you are handy, try remodeling chests, benches and ottomans for use as storage units. Another good option is to convert your desk into one that folds into the wall- you can even add a chalk board on the flipside! 

Find hidden real estate

Your home is filled with hidden real estate– you just have to get a little bit creative with it. Magnets will be your best friend when you are looking to gain space. Free up space in your cupboard by making your spice rack magnetic. Attach a magnetic strip under your kitchen cupboards then add magnets to the top of your spices – now the spices can just hang out there and you have gained prime cupboard real estate!   Feeling down about finding space? Time to look up! You can save space in your home by utilizing vertical storage space, trade in your closet hangers for a hanging organizer.

Show your door some TLC- doors are often neglected when it comes to home storage solutions. Use your door by attaching an organizer to the back of it– and don’t forget about the space above your door! build a shelving unit above to store boxes, books, etc.

West Coast Realty Inc. now under CENTURY 21 banner in Goderich, ON



Goderich, ON (February 1, 2018) –West Coast Realty Inc. is now a CENTURY 21 franchise in Goderich, ON. Co-owners John Talbot and Kelly Good wanted to convert their existing independent company with CENTURY 21 Canada to better serve the Goderich market. 

“We wanted to work with CENTURY 21 Canada because of the support, marketing resources and networking opportunities that they have readily available. The housing market is ever changing, and when we looked at what the brands had to offer both sales representatives and clients, it was clear that CENTURY 21 offers the best value,” says John Talbot.  

John has been working in the industry for 36 years and has a strong reputation in the community.  John and Kelly are now able to grow with CENTURY 21 Canada and help REALTORS® who want to serve clients over a long, stable career.

Goderich is currently a popular destination—it’s rated as the number one place to retire in Ontario. John and Kelly have plans to extend into other vacation destinations in the area such as Kincardine and Bayfield. Right now, there are four agents working out of the Goderich office and they have plans to grow the team.

“John and Kelly are longstanding and respected members of the Goderich real estate community,” says Brian Rushton, Executive Vice-President of Century 21 Canada. “We are so happy to have them join our network and to see such enthusiasm from their team.”

Drop by the new CENTURY 21 West Coast Realty Inc. at 44A Victoria Street South in Goderich or visit the website to discover the CENTURY 21 difference. 


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Leigh Kjekstad

PR Communications Specialist

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