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3 must-have traits for your real estate agent

When you’re looking for a new property to buy or invest in, or want to sell your current house, you want to have somebody on your side to guide you through the process from the starting point right until the end. First and foremost, real estate agents should have complete knowledge of the current market and help you navigate it with the least stress possible.

Here are 3 important qualities to look for when you select your real estate agent:

1) Exceptional communication skills

Things change quickly in the market and you need to know where you stand with your current buying or selling situation at all times. This way you can move on quickly to another property, potential buyer, or capitalize on an opportunity to get your ideal property. Your real estate agent should be proactive and provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

2) They’re a strong listener

Nobody likes to feel like what you say to them is going in one ear and out the other. Agents who value listening are usually the ones who are the most successful. Your agent should be attuned to your needs, requests and specific details. They should be talking to you – not at you.

What is your motivation to buy, sell or invest? Do you need to do this in a hurry? Or, do you have a fixed timeframe to work with? No matter the case, your real estate agent should be able to use their active listening skills to adapt to your needs and point you in the right direction.

3) Client focus

They should put their clients’ needs first! A good agent will always keep your needs as the top priority throughout the period of time they work with you. They should eliminate uncertainty, worry, and ensure that you feel supported and happy.

These key things should help you find that right agent who will assist you in finding your dream home and help you get the most value for your house!

By Larrissa Kalyn

CENTURY 21 Westcountry Realty Ltd.