1. Use paint to make a big splash

Paint can be used in many ways and can drastically change the design of a room depending on how it is used. Instead of repainting an entire room think of using paint to create an accent wall. This will cut down on the cost of buying paint and primer to cover all four walls. Choose the smallest wall in the room and use that wall as your focal point.  

Thinking of wallpapering? Consider making your own wallpaper using a stencil and paint. This method is much cheaper and you get more creative freedom than you do with using wallpaper.  


2. Re-purpose

Little did you know; your house is full of hidden treasures that just need a little bit of TLC.  Before you replace your old couch or dining room chairs, give them a good look over and see if you can freshen them up. To bring a couch back to life consider upholstering it to give it a fresher look.

For dining room furniture that needs a facelift a good paint job should do the trick. Whether it is wood, plastic or metal, paint will give a second life to anything that needs a lift!   



3.Recycle/ Up-cycling

Why buy new when there are second-hand stores that are full of great finds in need of a new home. Buying second-hand furniture is more environmentally friendly and cheaper!

For furniture that no longer fits the style of your house there are countless ways you can repurpose it to get the style you desire. Some simple ways are to distress furniture to make it look vintage. Another good method is to repurpose furniture. For example, old, wooden ladders work perfectly as a hanging unit for blankets/ scarves.   

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