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Are Your "Must Haves" Really a Must?

When you’re ready to buy a home, you usually have a wish list that helps narrow down the criteria to make the search process more accurate.

Here are some considerations you should make before finalizing your list

1. “I need GRANITE countertops.”

This is a very common item for home buyers. Countertops can be fabulous and they are very easy to upgrade or replace. Do some research before ruling out homes without granite or stone countertops.

  • What is the cost per square foot to install a counter of your choice?
  • Can your REALTOR® negotiate the cost of new countertops into the agreement of purchase and sale?

2. “No STAINLESS STEEL appliances…Don’t bother!”
Homebuyers might rule out a home because the kitchen has white or black appliances. Again, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I sell the existing appliances or donate them to charity?
  • What is the cost of brand new appliances including delivery and set up?

3.“Oh look honey, it’s got CARPET. I’m not going in.”
Flooring is another hot topic item that a buyer should consider before passing up on a home. Ripping out old carpet and installing new flooring is easy and may not break the bank. Think twice before you pass up a great home because it has carpet.

These are some items to consider when buying a home. Instead of concentrating too much on your “must haves,” it’s important to remain clear on the real fundamentals that will directly impact your investment and quality of life.  

Happy home hunting!

By Michelle Rose Andreacchi, REALTOR® at CENTURY 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd.