Can my landlord kick me out to renovate and sell my house?

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Published on: February 19, 2016

I live with three roommates in an old Edwardian home split into smaller apartments. We all moved in around the same time two years ago and have no plans to move out until we finish our studies. Our landlord just told us he wants us to move out so he can renovate the place and sell it as a single-family dwelling. What are our rights?

Reno Reject, Little Italy

No matter how quickly the joint gets bought, the landlord owes you at least 120 days’ notice in the case of a conversion, and you won’t have to leave until the end of a tenancy period—i.e., the end of the month if you’re renting month-to-month. (Alternatively, you can terminate your lease early with no penalty, with 10 days notice.) By the way, if a few months after you were forced out you learn the place has been left untouched, you can argue that the landlord terminated your lease in bad faith. If you’re successful, he’ll owe you all or part of your related costs—any increased rent at your new apartment, moving expenses—incurred within a year of being kicked out.

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