Drake’s massive construction project on the Bridle Path draws its first complaint

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Published on: July 18, 2016

The front view of the proposed mansion at 21 Park Lane Circle The front view of the proposed mansion at 21 Park Lane Circle

Drake’s plans for a 21,000-square-foot mansion near the Bridle Path sailed through its zoning approvals with relatively little controversy, but now it seems the rapper’s future neighbours are growing a little more attuned to the reality of having one of the world’s most famous musicians in their midst. (Or, another of the world’s most famous musicians.)

The Star reports that an anonymous tipster complained to the city about trees being cut down on the two-acre plot of land where the giant home will eventually be built. The Star says city forestry officials were dispatched to the site to determine whether Grandeur Luxury Homes, the project’s contractor, is felling trees illegally. Under Toronto bylaws, most private trees with trunks larger than 30 centimetres in diameter can’t be chopped down without a city permit. “We’ve asked our forestry staff to do an investigation,” councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker told the Star. “They will get to the bottom of it pretty quickly. If there are violations, charges will be laid.”

It’s not clear whether anything unsavoury is happening here. An arborist’s report commissioned by Grandeur Luxury Homes identifies 30 trees on the property that would require permits before they could be removed to make way for construction. This means that Grandeur, if it’s actually felling trees illegally, is doing so after paying a specialist for advice on how not to do that. In any case, Drake—who has neither confirmed nor denied that he controls the numbered Nova Scotia corporation that owns the property—would surely prefer everything to be kept above board. Unlawful tree removal wouldn’t be a good look for hip-hop’s nicest guy.

Article source: http://torontolife.com/real-estate/houses/drakes-massive-construction-project-on-the-bridle-path-draws-its-first-complaint/

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