There is nothing more satisfying than planting some seeds, watching them grow, harvesting the veggies and then eating them for dinner. Farm to table life is not only good for your health but also your wallet and the environment. This idyllic lifestyle might seem like an unrealistic dream for those that live in cities, work a 9-5, have a family or simply don’t have the time to “farm” their food. The good news is there are plenty of veggies that are easy to grow and that don’t require much space.

The great thing about tomatoes is they can be grown on a balcony or in a garden. If this is your first time growing tomatoes we recommend buying starter plants rather than growing them straight from seeds. This will give you a good idea of how much water and sun they need and then the following year you can try growing them from seeds.

Onions  grow very quickly and are easy to take care of. Plant them in a row and you will be able to harvest some green onions in a couple weeks. There is very little care required for onions, simply plant the bulbs, water and enjoy! Once harvested, onions like to be kept in a cool, dry place.

The best time to grow peas is right now, so here’s how to do it so you can start today! Peas like to be grown upright and on a climber so they can have something to wrap their vines around (a wooden ladder or metal pole would work well). They thrive in cooler weather so it’s best to grow them in the spring rather than the summer, time to get growing!

Lettuce The difference in taste between store bought lettuce and homegrown is staggering. Homegrown lettuce has a rich, fresh taste that store bought can never compete with. To grow lettuce, simply just sprinkle the seeds into your garden ( or garden box if you don’t have a backyard) and pick the lettuce once it comes up to promote new growth. 

Basil can be grown pretty much anywhere. It not only tastes amazing but it will make your whole house smell heavenly (if you are growing it inside). Basil can be either potted or grown in a garden bed depending on the space available to you. Pluck leaves and use immediately, you can also dry the herb and use it in cooking all year round.

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