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Published on: May 9, 2016

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200 Russell Hill

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200 Russell Hill

A gated enclave of twenty-two estate suites in the heart of Forest Hill, designed to anticipate your every desire.

The best way to interpret a work of art is to live in one


In a coveted locale surrounded by some of Toronto’s most elegant homes, illustrious designer Lori Morris and master builder Simon Hirsh craft the ultimate monument to luxury and leisure. A sanctuary within the city, 200 Russell Hill is poised to become the byword in refinement and carefree living, offering a quiet urban lifestyle with spectacular natural backdrops.

Each Hirsh development is built from inception to realization by a select team that embraces the opportunity to create environments that will inspire and delight. Innovatively designed to harmonize with the Hirsh vision, Lori Morris’ breathtaking interiors have reinvented the standard of luxury for the 21st century. With her wealth of experience, vast knowledge of texture, and insightful fusion of personality and place, Lori Morris will bring her brilliance home to by imbuing every facet of design with her essence.


Synergizing traditional and modern styles through one-of-a-kind fixtures, 200 Russell Hill unapologetically adds beauty to every detail and thoughtfully selected feature, both inside and out. Residents will be instantly transported as they step onto the meticulously landscaped grounds, wreathed by symmetrical boxwood hedging and an elegant limestone fountain. Each suite embroiders itself into the landscape, with vast symphonies of light floating through uninterrupted views of Sir Winston Churchill Park, and painted by the ever-changing colours of seasons unfolding in their splendor.


The estates’ amenities seamlessly interact with the nature-saturated surroundings, and the area itself boasts an impressive number of independent restaurants and boutiques; crisscrossed by spectacular nature trails. Offering a myriad of ways to spend afternoons and evenings, 200 Russell Hill relishes in both the city and the scenery, creating a distinctive building that celebrates the areas existing beauty with carefully considered details.

Each of the twenty-two estate suites is set to become a unique reflection of its owner in an atmosphere that speaks of the ultimate refinement. The ethereal designs of Lori Morris and beautifully crafted comforts by Simon Hirsh will come together to be part of a larger vision, one that will transform 200 Russell Hill from a place of living, to a source of creative inspiration, lasting sentiment and pure artistry.

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