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Holiday DIY Decorations


Get creative this Christmas and try making your own holiday decor/gifts. These three DIYs are easy and quick to make, plus they will make you look a Pinterest master! Are you ready to impress your friends and family? Let’s get started!

1. Homemade wrapping paper 
With wrapping paper this cute, you could wrap up a lump of coal and people will still love it!

  1. 1 roll of craft paper (whatever colour you like but we recommend brown for a rustic look)
  2. Potatoes (we will explain later)
  3. Paint
  4. Any stencils or designs you would like to use ( leaves, doilies, etc.)


  1. Lay out your craft paper on a long table or on the floor
  2. Cut potatoes in half and the cut out the design you want on the potato so it acts like a stamp (stick to simple designs like stars and hearts)
  3. Choose your paint colours and dip the potato stamp in the paint to decorate the paper
  4. Get as creative as you like, you can write messages on the paper or just do simple designs
  5. Wrap up your gifts and don’t forget a cute bow!



2. Mitten Advent Calendar
How is it that, by the end of winter, you somehow end up with at least 5 mismatched mittens? This idea let you take all these sad, single mittens and put them to good use.

  1. Collect all your old mittens (with any luck you won’t have to buy a few more pairs!).
  2. Once you have your 24 mittens, number them and hang them along a railing or bannister.
  3. Put a little gift or chocolate in each mitten for an advent treat each day! 



3. Wine Bottle Holiday Lights 
This cute wine bottle light makes for a beautiful decoration– plus it is a great excuse to drink wine!

  1. Peel the labels off an old wine bottle and clean the bottle ( we recommend using a mix of green and clear bottles as it looks very festive).
  2. Place battery operated fairy lights in bottles
  3. Group the lights together and enjoy a beautiful, cheerful glow.

(Image: Image by Tim Mary Vidra)