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How to spring into seasonal trends for every style


Spring is a season for new beginnings, meaning it’s the perfect time to revitalize your home with an up-to-date look. But figuring out how to incorporate current trends in a way that does not feel forced can be difficult. Whether your home is classic, contemporary or country modern, these easy ideas work well in any space. 

Navy is the new black. Everyone from Pinterest to top interior designers have spoken — this rich blue hue is majorly on-trend for 2017. Both sleek and traditional, navy functions as a neutral, so you do not have to commit yourself to a passing fad. If you’re feeling bold, paint an accent wall in one of your favourite rooms. Use accents like pillows, candles and lamp shades to add smaller touches of the shade.

Mixed patterns. Seen on the runways of New York Fashion Week this fall, mixed patterns are also making a comeback in the home. Tropical prints and watercolour florals are fun and perfect for the season, but any patterns you like will also do. Create a look that says purposeful but not chaotic with an anchor colour that appears in all the prints you use in a room.

Scandinavian style. Countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway are making a big splash in North American design. Hygge — a Danish word meaning “coziness” — is both a type of décor and a lifestyle that helps the country get through a dark winter. It was very popular here during the colder months will continue to be come spring and summer. Practice hygge in your home with comfy throws, simple and minimalistic furnishings, lots of texture, and your worn, imperfect items of sentimental value. 

Uncommon metals. Forget silver, gold and even rose gold. Today’s top metals are brass, copper and bronze. They have a tough industrial appeal, but can also help warm up a space. Depending on what you pair them with, these metals can look either vintage or glamourous. Try using them in accents like vases, bowls, lamps and terrariums.     

Everything artisan. Instead of the raw, unfinished aesthetic, people are now opting for sophisticated investment pieces. Think high quality craftsmanship, materials and handmade, unique items. Blown glass, porcelain and intricate woodwork are all great ways to get the look at home in a way that complements your style.

Home spa experience. Turn your bathroom into a zen oasis that is your personal retreat from the world with lush white fabrics, candles galore, and accents with texture. This bathroom trend is easy to pull off with any tile or countertop, making it an affordable way to revitalize this often-ignored space.

Seeing green. There’s no better time of year than spring to use this hip hue. It sounds a bit adventurous, but green is a versatile colour that can be lively, quirky or elegant. Every shade — from lime green to a deep emerald — is in fashion right now, so you can choose one that complements your home. Try it an area rug to spruce up your living room, or in glasses to revamp your dinnerware. Don’t forget that this trend extends to greenery — enhance your space with calming houseplants like bamboo, cacti, succulents or vines.