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Ideas for incorporating your summer vacation into your décor

In the middle of a vacation, you’re often having so much fun you want a memento to remember it. But that cute market trinket can quickly turn into a dust magnet when you get home. Here are some ideas that put the “fun” in functional.

Grouping similar items

Consider collections- This has the potential to get out of control, but if you travel a limited amount, think about one item that you could buy in every location. It might be a small basket, a serving bowl, or a textile. Over time, you can build up your collection slowly and it will show off your personality as you build it.

Confine trinkets to one space- If you stick to a theme when it comes to choosing your souvenirs, try to be thoughtful about how you place them. For example, if you decide you love masks, put them all on one wall as a group of artwork. If you have one mask in each room, it will just look like someone is always watching you! On the other hand, if you collect blankets or throws, you may want to strategically place a different one in each room where you might want to curl up.

Know when to stop- The goal here is to not turn your space into one of those freakish sideshows you see on the internet where every inch of space is covered. Every few trips, reassess your needs and whether one more of the same item could be overkill. When a collection is complete, appreciate it and move on to something else you’ve been eyeing on your travels.

A selective approach

Select wisely- T-shirts, shot glasses, magnets, and snow globes can be a default purchase, but are rarely appreciated once they’re out of a suitcase. Look for more unique items that may not scream tourist, but instead remind you of a city. For example, you may not want a keychain with the Eiffel Tower on it in Paris, but a unique watering can in the window of a gardening store brings a smile to your face. Buy it! Every time you use it you’ll be reminded of your trip, but the item won’t be cluttering your home.

Keep your colour scheme in mind- Sometimes when you go on vacation, especially to a tropical destination, you’ll fall in love a vibrant blue or orange. But, when you get home, you wonder what was wrong with your eyes as the hue is way too much for your décor. Keep that in mind as you shop and perhaps select a more subdued tone unless you are completely confident that bold is the look you’re after.

Some of the most interesting homes have carefully chosen items that incorporate a story into the overall décor. Your vacations make up the story of your life and the items you bring home can help create a unique look, as interesting as your life.