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Mid-year Resolution Review

January was a long time ago and the resolutions that we set for ourselves  have mostly likely been forgotten by now.  Life gets busy and, although you had the best intentions in January, it can be difficult to follow through with your resolutions. A 6-month check-in will help you get back on track and ensure success for the next 6 months. Follow these tips to make the next 6 months your very best.

Make your goal plan attainable and realistic: Look at what your resolutions were and see what is realistic to achieve in the next 6 months.  Think about the goal you set in the first place, and also why you wanted to accomplish it. When you are reviewing your resolutions ask yourself the following questions:   

  1. What am I trying to achieve?
  2. Why am I trying to achieve this?
  3. What have I done so far?
  4. What should I continue to do?

2. Set monthly milestones: For the next 6 months set a milestone goal for each month and have an incentive for achieving that goal. Write down each milestone so you can clearly see it every day. Having your milestones written out and visible will keep you stay accountable and also give you daily motivation to reach and exceed your resolutions!

3. Make it a habit: The best way to ensure success even after you’ve achieved your resolutions is to make them a habit. Successful people form long-term habits; they don’t initiate a burst of activity and then burnout. If your resolution was to lose 20 pounds, keep up your healthy eating and exercise routine after you have achieved the goal so you don’t fall back into old habits. By making those small changes a part of your daily routine you will stay on track to not only achieving your goals but making them a lifelong habit.