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Preparing Your Home for the Move…

A GREAT partner with The Jamie Dann Team at CENTURY 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd. is Stager/Organizer Margaret Harlos of Living Organized. Given that at this time of year, many people are getting ready for their next move, here is a great article that Margaret prepared for us. 

Each room should be featured and decorated for the original purpose that it was designed. I have a 3 bedroom house. One bedroom is a TV room, one my home office and of course the master. Not a great way to show a 3 bedroom home when selling, BUT, a great way to maximize the space once we move you into your new home.

Make sure items are placed in appropriate spaces. One homeowner had a crock pot, electric fry pan and other small kitchen appliances stored on the shelves in the laundry room. This screams that the kitchen cabinetry and storage space is insufficient. Too many things… pack what you don’t need now. Doing this now, simplifies the move later.

Don’t give potential buyers any reasons to walk away from your home. Maximize your space. If your home has a garage it will be listed with a garage. Purge it. Using it for storage also states the home is not large enough, doesn’t have enough closets or storage space.

De-personalize your home. Remove all the kid’s photos, awards and wedding pictures. I know you are thinking I’m really mean – Here’s the scoop – looking at your family legacy doesn’t make potential buyers feel that they can live in your home when it’s all about you. Remember, we can re-create all those memories when we move you into your new home. Let’s just make them fall in love with your home and pay top dollar.

You likely have more than enough neutral pictures around the house that you could move a few. If you do not need to paint your home, replace personal pictures and decor with items that can appeal to almost anyone. This allows them to visualize how they can incorporate their personal items into the home. This also works with furniture. Less is more. Keep only the furnishings necessary to show how each space works and can function for a potential buyer.