Taking the Plunge in 2011

Happy New Year!

What’s your new year’s resolution? Mine was made back in October when I realized that I wanted to do more for the CENTURY 21 Kids to Camp Program. For 30 years, I’ve been promoting Easter Seals and their cause and it’s now time for me to take action. I am pledging to do the Easter Seals Drop Zone plunge this year.

Children with disabilities overcome challenges every day of their lives. So what’s a little fear of heights…except for the sweating and shaky knees and the inexplicable urge to run for safety…No, there is no turning back, I’m going to do Drop Zone this year.

Am I trying to convince you or me? Well, a little bit of both. You can help motivate me to face my fear. If you can open your wallet to help send children with disabilities to camp, then I will swing both legs over the ledge and rappel down an office building. That’s a promise.

Don does Drop Zone?

Easter Seals has done an amazing job creating fun and exciting Easter Seals Camps across the country, all fully accessible for children with disabilities. Each child that gets to go is challenged to get out of their comfort zone and have the time of their lives. Can you imagine what a great experience that would be?

Since 2008, CENTURY 21 Canada System members have sent 558 children to camp – 558 lives that were touched by a little effort from members like you and me.

I’m asking that you support this cause…it’s a cause near and dear to my heart. I will face my fear so that children with disabilities can experience something special and I will do it in the province where the most money is raised by CENTURY 21 System members (highest amount raised per System member, within a province).

To help push me over the edge or to learn more about the Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraiser, go to http://bit.ly/d7tNxx.

Give a little nudge to send me over the edge. The Drop Zone building that I visited last year was 20-stories. That’s a long way down…

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