There’s no place to be a realtor like Toronto in 2017. You watch frenzied bids on your client’s house blow well past asking price, sell within a week and then go swimming in a pool of commission money. Still, realtors need to work hard to land those clients in the first place. To stand out among the roughly 48,000 agents in the GTA, some of them are getting creative—and, well, a little shameless. Here, a collection of Toronto’s wackiest realtor ads.

Seems like sound logic:
Image courtesy of Chris Clarke
Brad Lamb, the OG of embarrassing billboards:

Given that the phone number and URL are the same, we assume this is just a clever Photoshop job, but we applaud the spirit nonetheless:

Another jab at Mr. Lamb, if a bit more subtle:
Image courtesy of Chris Borkowski
By the way, here’s that guy’s business card:

Funny he mentions plagiarizing in that tweet, because Fido wasn’t too pleased with this ad:
Image courtesy of Chris Borkowski
Realtors in Barrie opted for something a little more graphic:
Dave Foreman works in Cambridge, but we love this ad as much as his mom loves him:

Heavy V appreciates 3 things: a) Facts b) Straight shooters and c) Killer mustaches. This has it all which makes it the perfect ad però eh?! Well played Dave…well played. #HeavyAd #RealEstate #DaveForeman #Facts #Stache #DavesMomKnowsWhatsUp #Respect #1

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And, though not technically a realtor ad, Bay Adelaide East (current home of Deloitte) went on a bit of a roll during its construction:

#bayadelaidecentre #constructionhoarding

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#bayadelaidecentre #constructionhoarding

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😭😭😂😂 #trollsohard

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