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The kitchen of the future

The future is bright for kitchen design. Even today we can turn on a faucet with a simple tap, perform a Google search from the fridge door and open a drawer from a slight touch. So what can we expect in the kitchen of the future? Just about anything you can imagine….

The new Samsung  RSG309  fridge, is an industry first. Equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled 8’’ LCD screen on the front of the appliance, you can access recipes on Epicurious, check the weather, post notes for family members and even review the family’s Google calendar, check the latest headlines or enjoy a photo slide show.   

Samsung does it again with the new Flex Oven. The Flex is the world’s first 30” freestanding electric range with an oven cavity that can be divided into two separate cooking chambers. So you can cook dinner and dessert simultaneously without compromising smells or tastes!

In the not so distant future, kitchen cabinets will be subject to high-tech upgrades. The cabinets of future kitchens will be made of glass, will change colour, even play a movie and will open from a slight touch. Smooth glass cabinets will feature LED wallpaper that can change pattern by the use of a personal computer, and because we will use glass instead of wood for cabinetry, the surfaces will be scratch resistant, ant-viral and recyclable.

Speaking of green design in the kitchen, countertops will also be made of glass.
Glass 2” countertops are already available in the United States. Glass 2 is 99% recycled glass, stain-resistant, virtually scratch-resistant, maintenance free, cold and heat resistant, has permanent coloursand unlike granite, which takes 325 million years to form, Glass 2 contains no radioactive elements.

Glass countertops will also allow for induction technology, another energy saving technology. With induction cook tops, you will be able to move your cook top anywhere on the counter top or island by the easy sweep of a hand.

Wireless electricity in the kitchen is also in the cards. Imagine a kitchen where there are no plugs and no cords to get tangled up in. Our future kitchens will have wireless electricity, thanks to transmitters hidden under the counter.

We will also have a high tech system that will help us keep tabs on our grocery needs, 

expiration dates and food usage. Now all that’s need is the trusty kitchen robot! 

Check out this video that shows what our kitchens could look like in the future