T’is the season for Open Houses!

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Published on: March 24, 2012

If you are on the hunt for a new home, here are some tips to take along with you:

Use open houses as an opportune time to tour homes with your agent.
This is an efficient way to see the homes you are interested in without having to make multiple appointments with every individual seller.

Go ahead, open every door.
Check out the closets, it’s the only way of knowing how deep they are. You might be surprised to find a storage room instead of a small closet. When you are buying, it’s important to know what is behind every door.

Turn on that faucet and switch on the lights.
Make sure that all the lights work, all major appliances too, anything that is included in the home.

Is the home feeling the “love”?
Inspect the general upkeep of the home. Has the yard seen better days? Is there mold and mildew in the bathroom? Are the walls chipped? General upkeep is a good sign that the home is well cared for.

Feel for drafts.
Check that doors and windows shut snuggly, and open and close smoothly.

Go on a walkabout.
If you don’t already know the neighborhood, take the time to get to know the area. Look at a map; check out the transit services, and local parks. Grab a coffee at the local coffee shop or pub, visit the closest grocery store; feel out the scene to see if the area is a right fit for you.

Look past the fluff.
Try to see past the furnishings and décor. Focus on the space, will the layout work for you and your furniture?

Look beyond window dressing.
Aesthetics are important, but don’t fall in love with a home’s appearance, be critical, ask questions, take a long hard look at a house before you put in an offer and protect yourself from disappointment by getting the expert opinion of a qualified home inspector, who could spot issues that you could have missed.

Happy house hunting!

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