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What will you do with your 31,536,000 seconds of time?


Ask yourself the question…Do you have enough time to do all the things that are important to you?

How will you manage your time during the coming year in 2011? Over the course of the next week or so you are likely to be asked if you made any New Year’s resolutions?!  You may or may not make any resolution(s) but the very question will likely make you think about 2011 in general.  Time is a very precious commodity and is something that can never have a true value placed on it.

Here are few ideas for time management in 2011:

Make it count! Like sands in an hourglass there is a finite amount of time to do the things you love and the hard work it will take to reach your goals.  Don’t get distracted by the little things that will take you away from realizing these goals and enjoying some much needed personal time to recharge your battery.

Take time off! No matter what industry you work in, excessive time spent in the workplace can envelope and swallow your personal time whole and with no mercy.  It is essential and imperative to take scheduled time off during the week as well as holidays.  Simply put, why bother working so hard if you don’t take some time to enjoy the fruits of that labour.

Break down your schedule! Take your day and split it into morning, afternoon and evening.  From there insert your “to do list” and try and be sure to stick to it.  Blocking time is an effective way of keeping on course!  Once you have a daily routine established, align your daily goals with your monthly goals and in turn line those up with your overall goals for the year.  In doing so, this will allow you to readily see the big picture at a glance and all the little components that make it work!

Whatever your plans, goals or vision are for the coming year,  I want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2011!

Jason Neumann is with CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd. in Kelowna, BC.