I opened my Facebook this morning and read about one website’s opinion on what 2011 Kitchens will resemble. Style at Home states, “The kitchen is the heart of the home. Indeed, no matter how lovely the living room, how comfortable the dining room chairs, you’re sure to find a coterie of friends and family hovering around the kitchen whenever they’re over. And no one can argue that having an up-to-date space will fill you with pride when you’re entertaining, not to mention cooking.”  Croma Designs out of Toronto indicates, “warm gray neutrals will be the trend.” Lynda Reeves from House and Home states, “Dramatic lighting, marble countertops and stainless steel combine in this elegant, urban traditional kitchen renovation.” Another website says, “The best kitchen colors should include shades of brown, peach, yellow, pink or blue. A good decorating scheme is to emulate the color schemes found in nature, such as sky blue or the various shades of green or earth brown or light or pale yellow.”

My favourite website is by Accord Design Decor Staging.  This website and kitchen specialist talks about the fact that kitchen designs do not change quickly. Yes, it makes sense to update your kitchen every 7 to 10 years, but a full overhaul isn’t really realistic for most people. White, gray and bright upbeat colors are common; contemporary and ergonomic designs are becoming more common; speciality sinks, lights, and faucets are starting to appear; and kitchen islands have developed a great deal in the past few years.

Since the primary focus of most home buyers are on the big ticket kitchen and bathroom, these areas should be spruced up prior to listing your home for sale. However, I do suggest that you seek the advice of a real estate professional prior to making any drastic changes since we can offer advice on how best to spend that renovating money to maximize your future home sale!

Remember: REALTORS® have their finger on the pulse of the housing market and are in daily contact with buyers potentially interested in your home.

Paulette Upshall is with CENTURY 21 Team One Realty in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

16 Replies to “What’s Hot in Kitchens for 2011”

  1. Great article. In my market, Central Florida, I see the same tendancies. Many home owners are looking for modern kitched, but I do see from time to time people looking for almost “shabby sheek” kind of antiqued looks. I prefer the modern kitchen myself and agree with warm gray neutrals being perfect for staging a property these days.

  2. Awesome looking kitchen. I agree that guests tend to spend more time around the kitchen (looking in the fridge, helping with dinner, putting food they bought in various places, etc.). This kitchen reminds me of the Palms Place hotel suite kitchens.

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