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6 Condo Layout Options to Consider

Condo layout

Breaking down what makes a good layout is hard. People have different ideas of what is desirable and what is worth losing space over. Let’s take six difficult layout choices and find which work best for you:

1. The bathroom
Shower, tub, or both?
Since housing prices are going up, many families are opting for a more suburban location, where bath tubs are more common, compared to the city core. The lifestyle of an urban apartment/condo dweller tends to be more fast paced, without time for a tub. Plus, most condo buildings have pools or a sauna included.


2. The living room
Box-style or unique layout?
Angled and curved rooms may look dramatic but are a nightmare for furniture placement, leading to wasted space. This may, in some cases, lose the appeal of a buyer when you go to resell.


3. Window placement
Where should the sunlight go: Bedroom, bathroom, or living space?
The location of windows in a unit can make or break a space. It’s always more attractive to have windows in all of the bedrooms, as natural light increases the resale value of a unit. However, most units see the majority of use in the living room. So, when choosing a layout look for window space that lets sunlight into as many rooms as possible.

4. Condo width
A wide or narrow unit?
Both styles have benefits. A narrow unit tends to keep the washer/dryer noise away from conversation areas and the bathroom out-of-view from the living room/kitchen seating. In contrast, a wide unit offers more window space and caters to those who enjoy an open concept design.

5. Building floor plan  
Where on the floor should my unit be located?
One aspect that is often overlooked when choosing a unit is its location within the building floor plan. A unit within close proximity to the elevators can prove to be very frustrating, as noise levels tend to be high. Many purchasers have been disappointed to learn that, once they have moved into their condo, they are constantly bothered by the sound of the garbage falling down a nearby chute. Always ask your REALTOR® to show you the unit location within the entire floor plan.


6. Storage space
Big closet or little closet?
An efficient developer will ensure that there are no hollow walls and, wherever possible, will use built-in wall storage as a space saver. Walk-in closets are great but not worth sacrificing the precious space from an already cramped bedroom. Keeping the master bedroom as big as possible helps for resale value.