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Adjust your sales – A smooth home buying process

Whether it is buying your first apartment, a bigger family home, or downsizing, the process is almost the same. Avoid these common mistakes!

Pitfall to avoid – Not thinking money

  • Talk with a financial specialist about your situation
  • Obtain a preapproval that allows you to search for properties that fit your budget
  • Find a mortgage that best suits your needs

Pitfall to avoid The “lowest” rate with the “lowest” fees is not always the best option

  • The lowest rate often comes with restrictions that may negatively impact you more than paying a little more up front.
  • Going straight to your bank may sound easy, but it also limits your options.
  • An online provider may fit your lifestyle with low fees and remote connectivity, but it may also hinder your ability to meet deadlines or cost you an opportunity.

Pitfall to avoid – Trying to save money by dealing with a listing agent or online services

  • When calling the listing agent, you might think you are saving money. You probably aren’t. They have already agreed to work for the seller. All you have saved is a REALTOR® working exclusively on your behalf.
  • Working with an agent requires a level of trust. Not being fully honest with them about your requirements, financial situation, or availability will risk wasting your time and energy.

Pitfall to avoid – Not being available

  • It takes time to locate a home, complete a transaction, and ultimately take possession of keys.
  • Work with your agent to develop a schedule that consistently gets you looking at homes in your desired market range.
  • Once you have signed an offer to purchase or agreement, hitting deadlines is critical.

Buying a home is a big step. There are many pitfalls on the path to success. Make sure you have a great team working on your behalf, including your own commitment to take that step.

By The Leesman Team Advantage, REALTORS® at CENTURY 21 Bamber Realty Ltd.