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Camping Hacks

With one more month of summer left it’s time to cram in everything that is still on your summer wish list!  One of our favourite summer activities? Camping! There is nothing better than getting out of the city and sleeping outside under the stars. We have some hacks to make your camping experience that much better! No need to suffer sleeping in the great outdoors with these simple tricks!  

Food Hacks  

Camp food doesn’t have to just be hotdogs and oatmeal, with these hacks you’ll be eating like a king!

  • Freeze gallon jugs of water to use as ice for your cooler, this will keep food colder so you can bring perishable foods with you.    
  • One water bottle will hold eight eggs, so you can have bacon and eggs without any of the stress of all your eggs breaking.
  • Wrap your meat in cabbage to stop it from burning. Time to grill up some steaks on the fire!


Your tent is your home away from home so might as well make it as cozy as possible!

  • Keep your toes warm at night by putting a Nalgene water bottle full of hot water in your sleeping bag before bed. It makes a warm and cozy camping hot water bottle.  
  • Keep your down sleeping bag fluffy by drying it with tennis balls.
  • Bring an extra dry bag and put your clothes in it to use it as a pillow

The Bugs  

Bugs are probably the worst part about camping. They can turn a fun weekend in the woods into an annoying, itchy time. Here are the best ways to keep the bugs at bay:  

  • Dress brightly: Bugs don’t like bright colours so time to sport your pink and yellow shirts! Plus, it’s always good to dress brightly when out in the woods to be more visible!
  • Citronella Candles: Although you will likely have a campfire it is still wise to set up citronella candles at your camp, especially around where you will be eating.
  • Bite Treatment: As best as you might try to keep the bugs away, you will likely still get bitten. Bring itch relief and antihistamine to put on your bites for immediate relief and try not to scratch!