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Holiday Chore Countdown

Week Three

It’s only crunch time if you haven’t been following our Holiday Chore Countdown. This week all you need to do is set the table, right? Gifts are wrapped, cookies are baked, and halls are decked! Enjoy this wonderful time of year.


Set the table: Check to make sure you have enough place settings for everyone at the table. Get the little ones to help with making a centrepiece for the table. Many hands make light work! 



Clean, nap, repeat! After all the gifts have been opened and before falling into a chocolate infused coma, get everyone to spend 10 minutes cleaning up. Wash all dishes after each meal so they don’t pile up and leave you feeling overwhelmed. When the time comes to pack up decorations, go through any that broke during the season. Take the time to put away the decorations properly and label boxes to make decorating next year a piece of cake!